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As I'm sure you know, the CDC has said that indoor activities that include exercise of any kind are in a higher risk category of spreading the Covid-19 virus.Participating in the in-studio classes is completely at your own discretion, and as such you are required to sign an additional "Covid-19 Waiver" prior to your child attending classes in the studio.This waiver can be found on the home page by clicking on the button that says "Covid-19 Waiver" on the left side of the home page. I can assure you that we are taking every safety precautions possible (including those recommended by the CDC and our own additional ones) to help keep our students and teachers safe.Below is a list of protocols we will be following:

1.With the exception of Preschool Creative Dance students, the waiting room will be closed to parents for the foreseeable future. Those in Preschool Creative Dance many have ONE parent or guardian stay in the waiting room with their child (masks required). There may be no other family members, including siblings, in the waiting room.  Parents of older students should drop their child off at the door without getting out of the car (though I recommend waiting a few minutes in a parking spot in the event your child registers a temperature and you need to take her/him home).Parents of younger students may park and walk their child into the building to the studio door (wearing a mask), where either Donna or another BBDA employee will meet them to take their temperature and give them a general health question survey, i.e., do you have a sore throat, have you been coughing, etc. (Anyone with a temperature above 100 won't be permitted into the studio).Parents will then be instructed to return to their car. If your child is in a class other than the Preschool Creative Dance and is exhibiting major anxiety about the parent leaving, one parent may stay in the waiting room until the child calms down and goes into the classroom.  Also, if your child is in a class other than Preschool Creative Dance and they would need assistance in the bathroom, a parent or guardian is required to stay in their car in the parking lot for the duration of class, and supply the teacher with a current cell number.  In the event your child needs to use the bathroom we will text you to meet us by the studio door to escort your child to the restroom.PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD USE THE BATHROOM AT HOME RIGHT BEFORE COMING TO THE STUDIO TO LESSON THE NUMBER OF BATHROOM BREAKS NEEDED DURING CLASS.

NOTE:  There will be green social distancing markers on the floor in the hallway leading to the studio.  Please wait in line on one of these markers until the person in front of you has been checked in.  If there is no one in the hallway and the door is open, you may enter the studio to get your health check.  IF the door is closed please wait until it is opened to enter the studio.

2.Please make sure your child washes her/his hands prior to getting into the car to come to the studio.We have plenty of hand sanitizer available in the hallway outside the studio, in the waiting room, and in both studio rooms and will encourage students to use it.

3.Masks are required to be worn by all teachers, staff, and students at all times.  Masks must be worn over both the nose and mouth.  Students will be given a break as needed to go outside to remove their masks (while staying 6 feet apart) to get some fresh air.

4.We have put X's on the dance floors six feet apart.Once the dancers have placed their dance bag against they wall, they will be instructed to sit on one of the X's until class begins, and this will be their main spot during class. The ballet barres have also been marked every six feet help with social distancing during classes.

5.We have purchased medical grade air filtration systems for each studio and the waiting room that specifically targets virus carriers and bacteria, among other things.They completely replace the air in the room every hour, and we will run them from the time we arrive until the time we leave.We also made sure that the ones we purchased were powerful enough to work in rooms as large as our rooms.

6.Please don't arrive to the studio more than 5 minutes prior to your class.This allows the classes before yours time to leave the studio before your class comes in. Class times are staggered so that not everyone arrives and leaves the building at the same time, which in turns allows us to better social distance.This plan may take a little trial error.For example, if the majority of the kids in a given class are all taking another class the next hour, it would be more beneficial for the teacher to teach the full hour instead of ending early, as they can just stay in the classroom and not have the opportunity to run around the studio.We will monitor this and make adjustments accordingly to what works best.

7.Please social distance while in the hallway and waiting room.Only one person at a time will be permitted in the bathroom.

8.Class size is limited to allow for social distancing.

9.The studio will be cleaned and sanitized before each night of classes (including the floors), and areas that are touched frequently such as door handles and barres will be cleaned with Lysol wipes and/or other anti-virus cleaners throughout the night. Other than barres, there will be no shared props or equipment used.

10.If your child is exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19, including but not limited to fever or chills, cough, shortness of breathe or difficulty breathing, fatigue, sore throat, new loss of taste or small, etc, no matter how mild, please keep your child home.If your child is feeling well enough he/she is welcome to participate that day via Zoom if they are in a class that has a Zoom option.  If they are in a class that doesn't have a Zoom option (Preschool Creative Dance, Ballet/Tap Combo, or one of the 6-8 straight classes), they are welcome to jumps into one of the Zoom classes for that week.




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