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Preschool Creative Dance & Ballet/Tap Combo Classes:

NOTE:  Girls in these classes will need their ribbons removed from their tap shoes and replaced with white elastic.  Some shoes include both tie and elastic option.  If your shoes don't come with the elastic option, please purchase white elastic and sew them around the metal eyelets that the ribbons lace through.  Make sure that the elastic is loose enough that the dancer can get the shoes on her feet, but tight enough that they won't come off her feet when she stands on her toes.  This is so that the teacher doesn't need to tie shoes that come untied during classes, which would require the teacher to get too close to the student during the pandemic.

Students may wear any color leotard and tights. Skirts are permitted as long as they are a single layer and do not hang lower than mid-thigh (no tutus or recital costumes, please!). Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail, bun, or braid (if hair is short, a barrette or hair band will be fine). Boys should wear a t-shirt and either shorts or sweat pants with an elastic waist band.Girls will need white tyette tap shoes and pink ballet slippers.
Boys will need black boys oxford tap shoes and black ballet slippers. Shoes may be purchased at the studio. Please see the note on ballet slippers after the section on Ballet before buying ballet slippers elsewhere.

Ballet, ages 6-18:

Black leotard, pink tights, hair secure in a bun. No loose shorts or pants of any kind are permitted. Black skirts are permitted as long as they are single layer and don't hang lower than mid-thigh. Boys should wear black boys ballet tights (beginner boys may wear black athletic shorts, but upper level boys must wear tights), and a solid white or black t-shirt or tank shirt.

Some stores such as Target market nylon bedroom slippers as actual ballet slippers.The keep putting them in the dancewear section of the store, and they even say they are ballet slippers but they aren't.  If you purchase your ballet slippers someplace other than the studio, please don't buy nylon.  Make sure they are leather, faux leather, or canvas. Nylon ballet slippers will not be permitted in class.

Jazz, lyrical, Contemporary, Jumps and Turns, Musical Theatre and Tap, ages 6-18:

Black leotard, tan, black, or pink tights. Tight fitting solid black leggings are permitted as a substitute for tights (but not in ballet!
Students must wear pink tights for ballet). Students are permitted to wear black booty shorts, black bike shorts, or short stretch black athletic shorts over their leotard and tights. Shorts may not have zippers or button waistbands. Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail, bun, or braid.  Boys should wear black athletic shorts or sweatpants and a white or black t-shirt.


Dancers may wear anything they feel comfortable in.This is the only class street clothes are permitted in. Dancers must be able to move freely, so jeans are not permitted.

There is no specific dress code for adults. You may wear whatever you feel comfortable to move in.  We recommend short sleeves even in winter as the rooms tend to get very warm.


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